Non Euclidean Geometry Map

Get lost in a wild maze of non-Euclidean rooms and walkways!

I’ve finally gotten around to releasing this map I’ve been working on!

The entire map is basically a path you follow throughout hallways, rooms & buildings, except; none of it makes sense! This map is based around the idea of non-Euclidean spaces, and if you don’t know what those are, I highly suggest you check them out – they’re awesome!

There honestly isn’t much to say about this map, other than the fact that it’s absolutely mind-melting haha :)

Feel free to watch the walkthrough video of my map – it’s a pretty cinematic experience :)

Although, if you want to be the first to explore my map, I guess you can just download it and play for yourself too :D

I really hope you enjoy the map, and have fun playing! If you’d like to record a video/walkthrough of my map, make sure to link this mcpedl page in the description, & my YouTube channel! Thanks!

You can grab the download of this map from MCPEDL
[Go to download site]