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Hi there!
I'm Machine Builder, and I create content for Minecraft Bedrock Edition through my YouTube channel!

A little bit About Me

I'm currently studying Computer Science in University and am constantly looking for ways to get other people as excited about programming as I am. I've found Minecraft is a great way to do this, and I produce three main types of videos - Tutorials, Development Content, and Releases.
If you'd like to check out any of my released maps or addons head over to the Projects tab in the top bar!

Check out the Channel

If you've found this website through some means that wasn't my YouTube channel, make sure to go check it out and subscribe over there! Click the little youtube icon at the bottom of the page, or click this right here!

Subscribing to the channel helps me out a great deal, as I'm trying to turn my channel into a viable source of income for myself so I can continue to make content for all of you!

Join the Community

If you're somehow living under a rock and didn't know, I have a discord server! There's a link down there in the footer again, or go ahead and click this to join the server 🙂